Our experience covers a range of project types such as industrial, educational, healthcare and commercial facilities.  In today’s world, these types of facilities rely more and more on dependable power sources.  With advancements in technology, the quality of the power source is as much of a concern as the reliability.  Our electrical engineering services take into account the present and future needs of our clients to provide the most economical solutions.

In addition to high quality, reliable power, care is taken to distribute the power for simple and convenient use.  We coordinate with our customer’s data network personnel to provide them with their needs and flexible pathways for communication distribution.

We specify light fixtures for interior and exterior illumination and arrange them to provide comfortable lighting levels for the intended use of the space.  The type and style of the fixtures are coordinated to our client based on their tastes and desired appearance.

· Electrical System Design

· Power Distribution Design from Low Voltage DC and AC through High Voltage Primary Systems

· Industrial and Commercial Lighting Design Including Photometrics

· Emergency and Standby Power Supplies, Generators, Separate Utility Feeders, and Manual or Automatic Transfer Systems

· Electrical System Capacity Analysis

· Power Quality and Overcurrent Protection Coordination Assessments

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